Interning at Hatch Show Print #4

Monday, September 19, 2016

I am beyond excited to share the poster I made for DPAC's Newsies ! 



On this poster I was really pleased to find an opportunity to build the shape of something (the New York skyline) using the backs of letter blocks. It was an exercise in itself as only letters that touch all 4 corners - for example, H's, M's, I's, etc. - of a block are appropriate for this use, as otherwise, the letter could get crushed or print unevenly, thus damaging it for future printing. This meant that I was pulling type from various cases and not adhering to a strict line height, so setting and locking in the skyline took a bit longer than it would for a more simple form.


I was also really pleased with how the colours came together. The colour palette was inspired by another poster which I spotted on the wall at Hatch, it used a combination of blue with a rich brown burgundy and I felt this worked well with my theme and created good contrast to make the poster stand out. All in all, this was one of my favourite posters to make!


See more photographs below:






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Interning at Hatch Show Print #4

September 19, 2016

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