About Hannah:

I am an illustrator and printmaker from Suffolk, a county on the east coast of England known for its rugged coastline, woodlands and heathland countryside. I grew up with an appreciation for nature, and have become increasingly fascinated by its movements and mysteries. It plays a central role inspiring and informing my work, and whenever I can I seek out adventure in the great outdoors.

My process is a combination of analogue printmaking techniques with digital media. Through working as an intern at Hatch Show Print and Typoretum, I gained experience in letterpress. I fell in love with the old letters, machines and inks and started building my own collection of vintage printing equipment. Namely, beautifully worn wooden type and a Vandercook printing press, affectionately known as Vincent.

I studied BA Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.

I aim to create images that evoke feelings of wanderlust, tell stories and spark the imagination of whoever looks at them.

Photographs by RXCROSE 

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